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Are you interested in starting a glamping business in Indonesia? Glamping is a blend of camping and glamorous accommodations. Glamping tents are luxurious and often include resort-style services and amenities. The word itself is a portmanteau of the words “glamorous” and “camping.”

If you have ever dreamed of running a glamping business, then you should start by checking the potential sites. After that, you should research the local market and look for creative ways to develop your business. A glamping business plan will outline elements of a glamping operation, including how you will manage the site, what types of permits and licenses you will need, and how you will market your business.

Starting a glamping Indonesia business

When starting a glamping business, the first step is to define a target market. Do you want to cater to families with young children? Or are you targeting couples who want some romance? The latter group may not want to be accosted by a large family with small children. For these reasons, you should identify a target market that will suit your business model best. There are several ways to attract your target audience.

Whether you want to provide a unique glamping experience or a more traditional camping experience, there are a number of steps to follow. You need to create a strong brand and website to attract the desired market. You should also register your business with local tourist organizations to promote your glamping site. There are many benefits to registering with these organizations, including the potential for word-of-mouth marketing.

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The location of your business will affect your tax and legal requirements. While some provinces in Indonesia may offer more favorable tax conditions for glamping businesses, you’ll still need to register your business in the area that allows this type of business. Lastly, a glamping business plan is a must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs. While it may seem unnecessary to create a plan, it can help you identify any risks and ensure a successful operation.

One of the biggest advantages of starting a glamping business is its low initial cost compared to traditional resort building. This type of business is a great option for new entrepreneurs and can be easily run with little or no experiences. Most people who have experience with glamping do not have much money to spend. However, if you’re looking for a way to invest a percentage of your profit in improving the experience of your guests, a glamping business can be the right business for you.

Depending on where you’re located, you may have to obtain a IMB or Izin Mendirikan Bangunan or permit to construct your resort business. Once you have obtained It, you need to review local zoning laws and building codes. You also need business insurance. Having the right insurance is essential, because it protects you financially if anything should happen to your business. And if you’re planning to sell glamping products and services, a business insurance is a must-have.

Starting a glamping business checklist

There is a lot to consider when starting a glamping business. It must be well-located, have basic amenities, and have “wow” factor. The location should be in an area that has a variety of natural attractions, such as coastal areas or highlands. Glamping sites must also be protected from the elements, and there must be adequate parking provisions. Before deciding where to build your site, do some research.

Your target audience is another important consideration when starting a glamping business. The type of people who will stay in your campsite will determine the level of amenities, facilities, and location. Families, for example, are likely to want more space and a host of extra activities. Couples, on the other hand, may want a romantic setting, more privacy, and fewer amenities. Once you have figured out your target audience, you can begin planning your business.


In addition to ensuring that you have sufficient funding, your business should have a good marketing plan. In addition to attracting customers during the off-season, you must ensure that you can keep your glampsite relevant year-round. To do this, you can focus on other forms of income generation such as hosting retreats in off-peak seasons. By ensuring that your glampsite is relevant throughout the year, you can stay profitable and maintain a consistent income.

When starting a glamping Indonesia business, you must also take into account local regulations. First you must acquire a valid CO from the appropriate government authority in your area. You should also review the zoning regulations and building codes in your city or county. You must comply with all laws and regulations to avoid a legal issue later on. Similarly, it is important to take out a business insurance policy. Insurance protects your business and ensures its future.

Another popular idea for a glamping business is to convert a camping site. Many already have permits and can be converted into a glamping service. The only downside to this strategy is the higher start-up cost. In addition, if you’re planning to operate a campervan park, it might be more profitable to start the business at a remote location. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of glamping without having to worry about the cost of infrastructure.

Getting permissions and licenses

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Before you open a glamping Indonesia business, you need to get the proper permits and licenses. In order to operate legally, you need to comply with safety regulations and lease requirements. Failing to obtain these permits and licenses will result in high fines and may even cause your business to be closed down. The first step is to research local governing agencies and get a list of required permits and licenses. Once you have the necessary permits and licenses, you can then proceed with setting up your business.

After determining the area where you plan to operate, you need to apply for planning permission and health permits. Depending on the state of your area, you may need zoning and health permits, as well as a business license. Once you’ve got these, you can start developing your facilities and marketing your services. Depending on where you’re operating, you may need additional permissions, such as a health or zoning permit.

Getting permissions and licenses for glamping businesses depends on what type of location you’ll operate. Depending on the location, you can choose from meadows, forests, deserts, or mountains. But remember to consider the location’s accessibility and “wow” factor. It’s also important to make sure there is ample parking. Getting permissions and licenses for a glamping business is an important part of starting a successful business.

While it may be tempting to go out and purchase a business license as a way to protect your investments, a glamping business requires local permits and licenses. Getting permissions and licenses for a glamping business will help you avoid legal pitfalls that can derail your plans for success. The process can take several months to get going, but it will be well worth it once you’re up and running.

Marketing a glamping Indonesia business

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Marketing a glamping business is a great opportunity to meet and interact with a diverse set of customers. You can create a glamping business plan that outlines your pricing structure, services and products, and location. All of these factors play an important role in how well you market your glamping business. Below are some of the tips for marketing a glamping business. The first step is defining your customer segments.

Develop a unique and memorable glamping experience for guests. You can incorporate romantic touches that are inexpensive, yet will make for memorable memories for your customers. For children, consider adding games or high chairs to your campsite. A small sink or bathroom step is another thoughtful touch. Make sure the customer’s experience is as pleasant as possible. If possible, include the location in your marketing materials as well. If you want to market glamping to families, provide packages that are affordable and fun for both the adults and children.

Ensure the business remains profitable year-round. Although the competition may be fierce, you can find ways to market a glamping business. The perks are plentiful and the business is relatively easy to start. As a new industry, glamping is easy to market. With a little research, you can be sure that the experience you provide will be one that your guests will remember.

If you are planning to advertise your glamping business online, take advantage of digital marketing. Online exposure is important for a glamping business, and video platforms provide added exposure. Glamping is all about visual experiences and escapism. You need to capture these emotions in your photos and videos. Regardless of where you locate your glamping location, make sure your visuals are impressive.

In addition to choosing an appropriate business structure, you should consider the types of business structure that best suits your needs. You can opt for an PT in Indonesia, which offers personal liability protection. Once you have chosen a structure, you will need to elect a registered agent and register for taxes. Once you have registered for the business, you will be able to conduct marketing and sales.

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