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Bali Glamping Contractor
Autentik Penida was our first glamping project in Bali. Located in Nusa Penida Island the resort comprise of 8 Guest tent, 1 Owner tent and 1 Restaurant tent. The owner wanted us to do all the work from civil work, MEP, glamping tent and the flooring.

In recent years, Glamping has become a popular trend, especially in Indonesia and Gudangtenda has been at the forefront of this movement. We have been in service of making luxury tented villas since 2016. Now Gudangtenda has become one of largest Bali glamping contractor.

During the past year, there has been a noticeable surge in interest from individuals and resort owners who want to incorporate glamping experiences into their existing infrastructure or their unproductive land. Gudangtenda has been instrumental in catering to this growing demand by offering a unique back-to-nature concept that revolves around eco-conscious prefab construction, local environments, and natural activities in this case Glamourous camping.

Gudangtenda’s signature luxury tents have gained popularity due to their spacious design, ease of construction, and charming thematic appeal. These tents are thoughtfully designed with a focus on sustainability, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

Gili Tenda Restaurant tent

The company takes pride in its innovative modular structure, featuring a durable internal metal framework made of galvanized marine-coated mild steel. This design ensures the tents comfort and resilience, making them suitable for various weather conditions, including extreme temperatures change, Indonesia heavy rain season. Moreover, Gudangtenda’s tents are engineered to use flame retardant material, adhering to stringent international standards.

With a focus on ease of maintenance, Gudangtenda’s tents come with an exterior/outer layer of fabric that is easy to maintain simplifying day-to-day cleaning. The fabric’s also already been proven as resilient against Indonesia harsh weather. The company also provides an easy maintenance toolkit and instructional video to assist clients in keeping their tented villas in top-notch condition.

Luxury Tented Villas Production lead time

The process of fabricating and assembling Gudangtenda’s tented villas typically takes around 11-14 weeks, from concept to the final on-site setup.
– 3-5 weeks to do site visit, topographic measurement and Architectural design.
– 4-6 weeks for our factory in Banten to do produce the desire glamping depend on quantity.
– 2-3 weeks shipping to anywhere in Indonesia.
– Installation process took 1-3 weeks depending on the size of the project.
this process excluding the civil and landscaping work which usually done parallel to tent fabrication process. The company prides itself on having its own manufacturing and design facilities, ensuring timely delivery and top-notch quality products

Bali Luxury Tented Villas

Glamping structure lifespan and warranties

Gudangtenda’s commitment to longevity is evident through their product warranties, which range from 1 to 10 years. With regular and proper maintenance, these tented villas can easily last for over two decades.

Gudangtenda’s color palette choice, “beige with brown,” offers a timeless and aesthetically pleasing look, while also being easy to maintain. Nevertheless, the company provides various other palettes to suit diverse preferences and complement unique themes for the glamping experience.

Interior glamping

In addition to their outstanding tented villas, Gudangtenda offers a comprehensive range of services, all included in their pricing. This includes architectural and design support, sales and marketing assistance, maintenance guideline, branded materials, and warranties.

As a one of pioneer in the eco-luxury tented villas design field in Indonesia, Gudangtenda blends architectural influences from Bali, creating exceptional experiences inspired by diverse cultural nuances, especially from Asia. Our dedication to offering not just products but unforgettable experiences is evident through Our commitment to cater to each client’s specific needs and visions.

With Gudangtenda’s expertise and dedication to excellence as Bali Glamping Contractor, resort owners and individuals can embrace the Glamping phenomenon and create extraordinary retreats that seamlessly harmonize with nature’s beauty.

Services Offer

We offer one stop service for a client looking to build their glamping resort in Bali.

  1. Design & Development Services,
  2. Architectural Services,
  3. Experiential Tourism Development Services, and
  4. Civil Construction Services. 
  5. Landscaping Service

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